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FIBO Group Academy

FIBO Group Academy — is a team of true professionals!



Receive trading experience with us

FIBO Group Academy ― are experienced experts, with the best approach to learning, . excellent techniques, and therefore, the system of knowledge with a uniform approach to the philosophy of exchange and OTC markets, their analysis and trade forms an integral worldview for trading.


The acquired knowledge will allow us to easily navigate in today's markets, both experienced traders and those who are only interested in trade.


By registering at the Academy, you gain access to the base rate, which is not only open the way to understanding the fundamentals of trade, but also create a good basis for practice.


Experienced traders, we offer a variety of specialized courses by strict trading systems to money management models and fundamentals of psychology in trading.


Our Academy has been around for over 8 years and all this time we are working to improve the quality of services provided today to bring to your attention the proffesionalism of our research and arguably one of the best training projects.


Studying together with the FIBO Group Academy!

FIBOGroup Academy is:


Online learning

The necessary knowledge and skills for successful trading.


Professional knowledge

Certificate of completion of additional training.


Convenient training classes

the course in the individual training class.


Communication in the forum

Specialized forum for dialogue with the professional experts of the Academy.

To enter your own classes only after authorization

Study at FiboGroup Academy !

The training center offers a variety of trading courses that are designed for both beginners and experienced participants of the market.

Training courses


Specialized video courses from experts and analysts from FIBOGroup Academy Group topics relevant to trade on Forex and not only.



From the webinars, you'll know how to consistently earn on Forex, you will be able to increase revenues and reduce the risks will gain valuable trade skills.



Seminars give a unique opportunity to meet with practicing traders Sypinars allow you to learn the Forex without having to leave his hometown.



Meetings - a unique opportunity to meet and talk in your hometown with FIBO Group expert

Courses online trading to help learn trading skills and improve the skills of those who are already familiar with the basics.


Due to the content of the course Online Training You will be able to, at a convenient time and in a convenient location, receive a quality education, having several levels of training - from basic to professional.


For those who prefer a classroom with highly qualified professionals, we are able to offer full-time training in the offices of the company.


Team of experts in the FiboGroup Academy !

The training center of the company offers a variety of trading courses, and our analysts and trade experts on CFOs markets will teach you the art of profitable trading.


Andrew Masters


Do you want us?

Our teachers will tell you how to analyze the current situation, learn to use the trading terminal and get acquainted with practical methods of opening and closing positions. The course includes both theoretical and practical part.


Anna Lebedeva
Your personal manager

If you have any questions connected with teaching or navigating the site, you can contact me, your personal manager, Anna Lebedeva.

FIBO Group Academy - it's not just learning to trade in the financial markets.


First of all, in our Academy - mentoring!

As you know, the main problem faced by all novice traders -. Is the lack of qualified support after training. Often, after graduating from the course, the trader is left alone with the market, with their feelings and doubts, with their mistakes and achievements. of course, when making a successful trade the trader is not ringing or writing to his teacher to tell about his success. and not because he did not want to do it, but only because it is not accepted in most training centers.


We want and even ask that a student who has been trained and started trading real funds, to always in touch with the teacher - of course, if the student himself wants it.


Our goal - not only to provide knowledge but also to put it into practice!


No matter how long it takes training Everyone - individual;. That's why we can not afford to leave the trader, who was trained , if they have not fully mastered the material.

So, what is the FIBO Group Academy:

  • training on the principle of mentoring;
  • highly qualified teachers with extensive experience in the financial markets;
  • the opportunity to study in Russian, English, Spanish or Chinese language;
  • a large selection of video courses and training programs, designed for different levels of listening training;
  • specialized courses for professional traders;
  • nline support for students and post-support students to take a course in order to achieve the maximum benefit from the training;
  • prompt and professional analysts;
  • video commentaries of our analysts and instructors on the current situations in the market;
  • unique video calendar on macroeconomic events;
  • user-friendly and feature-rich personal cabinet learner;
  • interesting and rich forum for communication with teachers and other students.

What do you get after completing the course at the FIBO Group Academy:

  • the knowledge and skills necessary for successful trading;
  • certificate of Completion additional training ;
  • the possibility of a free two-month dialogue with teachers after training;
  • and most importantly, you become a professional trader or fund manager, who clearly understands the functioning of financial markets, are able to analyze the situation and make informed decisions to maximize profits.