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Quality Education - is the first step to success!

FIBO Group Academy offers different shapes and types of training trade on global financial markets, suitable for students of all skill levels.

You can take a variety of courses, listen to lectures, watch webinars, attend master classes, courses, group or individual lessons for specific subjects. You also have the opportunity to ask teachers questions and interact with other students.

At the end of training and the successful completion of the test, you will be issued a certificate of "education in the field of financial markets". иконка
The philosophical school of vocational trading                    

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The purpose of FIBO Group Academy

Our main goal is to provide learning opportunities convenient for your system. We try to save you time and provide the most important information in simple, accessible language. During training you will learn the basic concepts of financial markets and gain skills working on them.


  • A large selection of training programs;
  • highly qualified teachers
  • A lot of audio and video
  • specialized literature
  • Prompt and professional analysts.


The professional team of FIBO Group Academy trainers consists of experienced, practicing traders and experts in global financial markets Their common goal - to help you become a successful trader, give all the necessary knowledge and learn to apply them in practice.

How to start training

. FIBO Group Academy offers you to acquire knowledge in a form convenient for you to start learning and to get acquainted withCourse program, thanks to which you get athe idea of ​​the training topics and their contents.

The very process of learning consists of several stages:

  1. . The introductory phase (free) With this you will get acquainted with the program and listen to an introductory video tutorial or a few lessons
  2. The main stage (surcharge) This is the complete program of the course In this program you listen to the entire course of study;..
  3. The final phase of the evaluation of your knowledge by passing the test..

You can sign up for seminars and pay Online tutoring and also book a course, please call..

Market futures

Futures trading allows you to invest in an additional dimension - time, thus changing the trading tool.

Stock Markets

The stock market - it's a great place to start your way in the financial sector.

Online training

Hourly access to the knowledge base and getting real-world experience.

Forex Trade

The currency market is one of the most exciting and fastest growing markets in the financial world.

Analysis Markets

The training center offers you a variety of programs of study and market analysis to trade successfully.

Take the first step to success!

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Become a trader it is very simple. First step on this way - registration at the FiboGroup Academy.

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Each client - is a full-fledged member of the Academy, which is able to subscribe to any course.

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Each participant of the educational process will receive all the necessary knowledge and skills for successful trading.

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FiboGroup Academy provides the possibility of obtaining real-world experience to work with the international financial markets.

Academy FIBO Group - this is the first step on the road to success!