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Lecturer of the course

Andrew Masters
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Video course

A comprehensive package for trading
Structure of lessons

Every video course has a very convenient feeding structure of the material. After purchasing, you will have access to video tutorials, which are equipped with a synopsis of the most important moments of the video. Depending on the course as a bonus you can get additional information related to the topic being studied. This will help to further expand your knowledge. After each lesson or block of lessons a test is offered to consolidate and test the knowledge gained. This will help in time to identify gaps in the knowledge acquired, to successfully pass the final test and receive a certificate from the FIBO Group Academy.

Point system operates in FIBO Group Academy. Per-view video, read the synopsis, if test is passed correctly you will be charged a certain amount of points, which provide access to the final testing. To get the Academy Certificate, you must correctly answer 90% of the received test.

To pass the final test you have three attempts. Thus, if you can not do it right the first time, you can again review the material covered and see where you made mistakes.

During the three months after you activate the course you have a unique opportunity to communicate with the teacher and ask questions via a convenient means of communication: e-mail, Skype. Also during this time, you are encouraged to complete practical exercises provided by the lecturer. For their execution you will also earn points, which improves your ranking as a student.

In the public domain, are webinars through skype lectures, which enhances your viewing experience and rating on the website.

Forex - it's easy!
The course will teach you how to understand financial markets.

This course will make of the novice familiar with the financial markets and with basic knowledge of foreign exchange markets. The daily volume of trading in the Forex market is around US $ 3.4 trillion, which is many times greater than the volume of the global stock market. Earnings, which is provided by the currency markets - is limitless, you only to acquire knowledge of this author's course. The course it organizes your knowledge and lays the foundation for your success.

After completing the course you will:
  • learn to understand the types of exchanges;
  • be able to easily navigate through the quotes and their forms;
  • learn about the main participants in the foreign exchange market;
  • understand the content of concepts such as exhibition, spread order, the leverage point, a broker, a trader;
  • find out who the "bulls" and "bears" and what are their differences;
  • will understand the protective orders and their types;
  • understand the difference between trade in own funds versus trading with leverage;
  • Learn the difference between the European trading session and the US;
  • learn how to use basic tools for graphical analysis of successful trading;
  • be able to work with layers and lines;
  • understand what the trends are and how they differ from the flat market;
  • find out why you need graphic shapes and which types they share;
  • learn to distinguish bars from the candlestick;
  • remember Classification of Japanese candlesticks, as well as their assessment methods;
  • understand how candlestick configurations are formed, learn their views and methods of working with them;
  • learn the basics of technical analysis;
  • learn about technical indicators and their types;
  • understand the difference between the use of trend indicators and oscillators;
  • find out about such a concept as fundamental analysis;
  • hear about trading plan and its components;
  • Be sure of the importance of psychology in trading.
Instructions for lessons in class

Lessons in class

The Academy have developed unique classes that allow each student to the trader to gain knowledge on the topic of interest

This is the body of knowledge and techniques of training, which have been designed specifically for traders and analysts by Academy experts.

FIBO Group Academy preloader

Education of traders by professional experts who hold an individual approach to learning, owning different methodologies and systems of knowledge in the field of trade. The uniform approach to the philosophy of exchange and OTC markets and their analysis and trade forms an integral worldview of tradinf.

The Academy does not provide trading services in any financial markets. At the Academy, you can only learn the craft of trading in the markets. But in the Academy we have provided practical assignments and each student trader can try real trading platform based on fibo.

Education at the Academy, you can start with as the initial courses to familiarize and with specialized courses, where the lecturer teaches certain subjects of the financial market.

If you have a coupon for the purchase of the training course, simply enter your personal login code, and the course will be available for activation during your class tab "buy rate" in the expanded page. Then you can start to learn.

The learning process

The learning process at the Academy is logically structured.

The learning process at the Academy is very similar to full-time education, but the quality differs from it in that the applicant has the opportunity to be trained individually there, there is access to the Internet - for example, at home, which is very convenient.

Communication with the teacher goes on the principles of Educational Academy.

Each student in the class has the opportunity to connect with the current course instructorand ask him a question or ask for advice. This allows us not only to study the material, but also to adjust the acquisition of knowledge by asking further questions from this class expert.

Education is unlimited in time . Each trader can choose when and where to start or continue learning to trade in the financial markets.

Activation of the course allows you to record the start time of training. After activation of the course the trader has the opportunity to attend class at any time and continue the learning process at any time.

Communication with an expert in this course is limited in time and after the activation of the course the trader has the opportunity for three months to correspond with the lecturer, ask questions and receive answers.

After three months of the course all materials from the course are avaliable to the trader indefinately.

While traders are studying in the FIBO Group Academy,they are bound to gain knowlege that they can use on a daily basis in the financial markets.

Sections in the classroom

Classes at the Academy are divided into main sections.

Each section of the Academy classes have ithere own specific functionality to enhance the effect of the learning process. The classes are unique in there teaching materials - video tutorials, summaries, tests and assignments, and they all are designed in a strict compliance structure.

1) Introduction
Each section in the classroom helps the trainee trader become familiar with the structure of the class and to see and read the basic details of what is waiting for a trader in the course of training. It also provides a summary of the class structure.

2) Video Course
Video courses in the classroom - Are a training section at the Academy, where there is assembled and well prepared information for the trader and structured theory topics of the training course. Under it is possible to aquire knowledge - with the help of videos, synopses, mini-tests for lessons and homework.

3) Abstract
All materials on this subject are collected in the synopsis. They are in a separate section, where you can be trained by studying an outline drawn up by experts and professors on the proffesional exchange rate.

4) Webinars
Each analyst and expert in the Academy is a frequent speaker at webinars, which is based on the ideas studied in this course topics. Each trainee trader can gain access to these materials.

5) Seminar
Each analyst and expert in the Academy is a frequent speaker at webinars, which is based on the ideas studied in this course topics. Each trainee trader can gain access to these materials.

6) Testing
Testing — this section, required for the class where the student is required to pass an assessment test of knowledge. In this section, the trader has the opportunity to start testing l (it is important to read the terms of the Academy's of testing rules). After testing, the trader has the opportunity to find out if they successfully passed the test. The tab after the first test is active and available to the student; Here you can find all the detailed information. After testing, the trader also has the possibility of starting a new training in the classroom, and the function Restart Class was introduced for this purpose (it is important to understand that when you restart all the points given in this class, are reset).

7) Certificate
Section certificates available to the trader after the successful completion of the General Test. In this section, after successfully passing the test, the trader will receive a Certificate of proffesional. course completion from the Academy. The Certificates will be available to the trader for printing or downloading to a computer.

8) Practice
Workshops are available to the trader after the successful completion of the General Test. Each section contains the basic practical tasks for traders who have successfully completed the testing. After training at the Academy traders have the opportunity to continue training and put their knowledge into practice!

Assessment of knowledge

Clasess at the Academy have a system of performance evaluation of students' knowledge in points, . Each class affects the overall assessment of performance in the Academy (the rating, the progress and achievement, etc.), where the results are recorded in the overall ranking of the students progress.

The better the trader is trained, the higher the number of points at the Academy. This gives an idea of how well students mastered the material.

All classes can affect the overall tfinal score in the Academy, but in fact in the overall rating assessment is made only by our proffesionals. Courses that have been activated are in the section «Active classes» , «Passed classes» , - only activated courses affect the overall assessment points.

In «Active classes» — Classes that are in the process of studying materials from thr proffesional. course. These sections of classes affect the overall assessment of the knowledge dynamically, ie, during the study ofthe material changes can be observed in the total rating points

Summing up

Summing up the results of training in the Academy classes occurs under testing and is mandatory for all students. In general, the testing occurs on all training materials (video courses, notes, webinars, seminars and others).

The testing process is limited in time and depends on the number of questions .. To start the test, press the "Start Testing", and then begin the countdown. At the end of the test time all ofl the questions that have not been answered will be counted as incorrect .

Test results will be available before the next attempt to pass the test.

The final result can be seen by the trader after taking the test.

Complete testing is compulsory for all courses and will be available as you progress through the classIt summarizes the results of the successful completion of the course by the trader. The trader then receives a certificate and is able to move on to the practical tasks of Forex.


Certificates are issued by the teacher of the Academy to the client and only to one physical person.

Upon receipt of the first certificate a request will be sent to confirm the name and surname of the student trader. We ask all students to take responsibility completing the questionnaire which includes the correct spelling of your name., You can only change your name by verifying and providing documents confirming the identity of the account holder.

The certificate is a document issued by the FIBO Group Academy.

The certificate is a document issued by the FIBO Group Academy.

The authenticity of the issued Certificate can be verified by visiting, specifying in the corresponding fields the Certificate number and series.


In this section, the trader will receive practical skills to consolidate their theoretical knowledge acquired during the training process with real trading.

Our workshops helps traders better and faster to analyze the current situation in a trade and take effective measures to make a profit while trading.

A workshop is granted only after undergoing and successfully passing a test in the classroom, which allows traders to become familiar in detail with the theoretical part before you start trading with real money.

We wish you success in the world of finance!

FIBO Group Academy preloader

A comprehensive package for trading

Andrew Masters

Andrew Masters

Lecturer of the course

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This course will make the newcomer familiar with the financial markets - the beginning trader with basic knowledge of foreign exchange markets. The daily volume of trading in the Forex market is around 3-4 trillion. US dollars, which is many times greater than the volume of the global stock market. Earnings, which are provided by the currency markets - is limitless. It is necessary to master the knowledge of this author's course. The course "Forex - it's simple" organizes your knowledge and lays the foundation for your success.



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